A few words about Delos!

Delos Island is one of the biggest natural open archaeological sites, of such importance.

  • It is located at the north central side of Cyclades, westwards Mykonos and extents for 3,4 sq.km.
  • In the ancient times, Delos was famous as the birthplace of Apollo, but apart from a religious centre, was developed as a commercial one, as well.
  • In the open archaeological site, private residences were discovered in a good condition, containing admirable mosaic floorings. More monumental constructions, such as temples, theatres, stages, gyms can be visited, too.
  • The archaeological museum in Delos exhibits a great collection of statues, ceramic potteries, items of everyday use, jewelries and mosaics, well maintained.
  • The archaeological island of Delos has been officially recognized in 1990, as an UNESCO Monument of World’s Heritage.

A few words about Mykonos!

  • It is located in the north central side of Cyclades and extents at an area of 86,125 sq.km. with a coastline of 89 km. The Capital of Mykonos is Chora.
  • Mykonos was one of the first Greek islands, which developed tourism in the early 1960’s.  Today, the nightlife of Mykonos is considered, as one of the most alive and active in Europe.
  • The most known place of the island is the `Small Venice’ (Mikri Venetia), that was named that way due to the similarity with Venice of Italy. The most famous  beaches of Mykonos are : Agios  Sostis, Panormos, Elia, Kalo Livadi, Agia Anna,  Super  Paradise, Paragka, Ornos and Psarou.
  • Mykonos produces small amounts of xinotiria (cheese) and a spicy soft cheese, called Kopanisti.  Also, the delicious meat product of the island called Louza, as well as, the awarded almond pastries (amigdalota).

Description of the Day Cruise :

The departure for the day cruise to Delos-Mykonos is located at Naousa port.

Boarding: at Alexander or Naxos Star, depending on the day.

Our first stop is at the “navigable” Archaeological Museum of Delos.

The total duration of your stay in Delos is 2 hours and 45 minutes with Alexander and 3 hours with Naxos Star.  During those hours, you will have plenty of time to discover and admire the archaeological findings, of one of the biggest and most organized settlements of Ancient Greece.

After Delos, our next stop is Mykonos, with a total duration of your stay in the island, being 3 hours and 30 minutes with Alexander and 3 hours and 15 minutes with Naxos Star, you will have the opportunity to enjoy and walk at the beautiful backstreets, the irresistible Small Venice (Mikri Venetia), the windmills and many more sightseeing spots.  You can also spend your free time on the island, by enjoying the local shops or the numerous restaurants & the cafeterias among the seaside.

The pick-up and drop-off, with a private shared bus, from certain points in Paros to Naoussa port & v.v. are included in the price of the ticket. Please be 10 min prior at meeting points.

There is a canteen operating on both boats.

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Delos – Mykonos cruises data and timetables 2019

Vessels nameAlexander - Starting from 13/05/2019Naxos Star - Starting from 02/05/2019
DayMonday – Wednesday - SundayTuesday – Thursday – Saturday
Departure from Naoussa09:30 09:30
Arrival in Delos10:3010:30
Stay in Delos2h 45min3h
Departure from Delos13:1513:30
Stay in Mykonos3h 30min3h 15min
Departure from Mykonos17:0017:00
Arrival in Naoussa18:1018:15
PriceAdults 50€ Children (6 - 12 years) 25€Adults 50€ Children (6 - 12 years) 25€
Entrance to Delos12€12€

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