Paros has the advantage of being geographically located in the center of the Cyclades. Starting from here the visitor can visit many of the neighboring islands in a short time.

Mykonos, Delos, Santorini, Koufonisia and Amorgos are the most popular one day cruise destinations while Naxos, Serifos and Sifnos are connected with regular ferries.

Terms and conditions

  • All sea excursions are done under the authority of the captain of the vessel and/or the port authority permit.
  • Passenger should be at the embarkation area 30 min before the scheduled departure time.  Passenger missing the boat can not claim any money back. Eventhough the ship is delayed (due external reason e.g. bad weather conditions) no claims can be made by the passenger.
  •  Passenger can get 50% of the money back, if  cancel the ticket till the previous day of the excursion. No partial refunds are allowed  (one leg used). 
  • If the weather conditions force the trip to be cancelled , the passenger gets a full refund, with no other obligation (from company).
  • In all cases in which a transfer is agreed between the vessel company and the customer to the port of departure, the customer must be at the exact pick up point, fifteen (15) minutes before bus arrival, in any case  misses the bus, should find a way to be on time for the embarkation, by own expenses (ex. taxi).
  • Passengers are not allowed to carry any explosive or flammable materials.
  • The company is not responsible in case of body injuries or death , unless caused by gross negligence of the crew or the captain and the officers of the boat.