The nature of Paros and the terrain make it ideal for cycling. With the guidance of an experienced guide, you will enjoy moments of relaxation and alternative holidays.

We have a large fleet of bicycles of various types for cycling and nature lovers, with safety equipment, as they have “carved” and many routes of different styles and degrees of difficulty.

*One coach per 5 people is provided

All excursions are aimed at children over 12 years of age with parental responsibility


Distance: 20km / Difficulty Level: Easy / Duration: 3 hours / Start Time: 09.00-12.00, 17.00-20.00

Price /: 35 € per person with Trekking bike or 60 € with e-bike

Our first excursion is a beautiful and refreshing route to the beautiful Kolimbithres of Paros, one of the island’s most famous beaches. On the way, we will meet the Mycenaean Acropolis as a first stop. Then we head to the Monastery or “Ai Giannis Detis” another wonderful and well-known beach of Paros. You will enjoy the coolness of the whole route in Kolimbithres, like natural pools created by nature.

  • Advanced: Combine your route with a wonderful picnic at the sea with traditional Parian products.
  • Picnic Menu: Water, Juices, Local wine, fruits, and vegetables from our garden, homemade tzatziki, olives, traditional Parian cheese, a variety of cold cuts, bread, energy bars, and cookies.

Price: 55 euros per person on a city bike / 80 euros per person on an electric bike.

2. Excursion: The Tour of Paros with pic nik

Distance: 55km / Level of Difficulty: Medium-Difficult / Duration: 6 hours / Start Time: 08.00-14.00 /: 110 € with e-bike

A 55 km route that will make you get to know the whole island. Starting from Parikia we start for Naoussa to stop for a beautiful walk in its picturesque alleys. We always continue with the sea to Piso Livadi, one of the most beautiful fishing villages of Paros. We dive in the beautiful waters of Chrysi Akti Beach overlooking Naxos. Our last stop is Aliki which will charm you with its unpretentious beauty. Snacks, water, fruit and juices are offered at any time along the way.

  • Picnic Menu: Water, Juices, Local wine, fruits, and vegetables from our garden, homemade tzatziki, olives, traditional Parian cheese, a variety of cold cuts, bread, energy bars, and cookies.

 3. Excursion ‘’Romantic Private E-Bike Tour to Dilion and Agios Fokas

Distance: 18km/Difficulty level: Medium/Time: 3 hours/Stops: 2/Departure time: 17:00-20:00

Type of bike: E-Bike/Price: 95 € per person

Α special e-bike walk for a special occasion, this excursion is the most enjoyable with the ideal company. We start from “Delion”, the sanctuary of Apollo and Artemis. The route is demanding but it will excite you since you will have the electric bike as an ally. Wonderful pictures and colors will fill your afternoon. After the sanctuary of Apollo, we continue to Agios Fokas, where we prepare an outdoor picnic, overlooking the sea and a magical sunset.

The picnic includes lighted candles, blankets in case you get cold, romantic music, Parian wine, and a plate with a variety of cold cuts and cheeses, various types of bread, dried fruits, and nuts. The duration is one hour and of course, we will leave you alone to enjoy your appointment. Of course, we are at your disposal at any time for photos.

4. Excursion: “Punda-Antiparos-Antiparos Cave” with picnic

Distance: 40km Difficulty level: Moderate-Difficult / Duration: 6 hours / Stops: 3/ Start time: 09:00-15:00  Type of bicycle: Electric bicycle / Price: 110 euros per person (including tickets to Antiparos & entrance to the cave & picnic)

If Paros is a jewel that adorns the Cyclades, Antiparos is the diamond that complements it. An ideal destination that has nothing to envy from the neighboring island in terms of beauty, fun and relaxation. So, we start from Parikia and after 9 km we reach Pounta. From there we take the boat to Antiparos and after 10 minutes we reach our destination. While it is still early and the heat has not reached its peak, we continue to the cave. The cave is a natural wonder that houses the finest stalactites and stalagmites that make it one of the most beautiful natural museums in Greece. At the same time, the view from up there is something shocking. After taking our guided tour of the cave, it’s time to enjoy the beauty of the center of Antiparos. You have 2 hours free to explore the island, do your shopping, swim, enjoy your coffee. Finally we take the boat again and return to Parikia.

  • Picnic Menu: Water, Juices, Local wine, fruits and vegetables from our garden, homemade tzatziki, olives, Parian traditional cheese, variety of cold meats, bread, energy bars and cookies.

*The above prices are without VAT

*In case of cancellation up to one month before the excursion, a full refund is made. For any other case of cancellation due to the customer’s fault, there is a charge of 50% of the initial amount of the excursion. No refunds are made after 48 hours from the start of each tour.

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