For visitors whose vacation, apart from relaxation, means intensity, passion, exploration, carefree, Paros is the ideal island to fill your summer with experiences. There are many sports activities with certified schools for diving, kitesurfing & windsurfing, tennis, swimming, cycling, horse riding, which take you from the first steps if you are a beginner, for any activity in Paros you choose.

Apart from a beautiful island with idyllic beaches, picturesque alleys, and nightlife, Paros can also offer intense gastronomic pleasures. The second wine-producing island of the Cyclades, after Santorini, Paros is famous for the fine varieties “Mantilaria” (red) and “Monemvasia” (white), as well as for other wines it produces, including sweet white wines.

Learn the secrets of authentic traditional Greek cuisine and accompany them with the excellent Parian wine, in a cooking class in Paros. Surprise your loved ones with Greek recipes cooked by you.

Fill your vacation in Paros with the smells and flavors of Greece.

  • 01. Cooking lessons

    01. Cooking lessons

    Greek cuisine lessons and traditional Parian recipes

  • 02. Wine & Beer tasting in Paros

    02. Wine & Beer tasting in Paros

    Wine & Beer tasting in Paros is an exceptional case that is worth knowing about on your vacation.

  • 03. Horse riding tour

    03. Horse riding tour

    On the south side of the island near Parikia you will start a unique experience with horses. Excellent organization and hospitality combined with a safe environment will fascinate you

  • 04. Sailing – Swimming

    04. Sailing – Swimming

    At Paros Nautical Club operates a sailing and a swimming school .

  • 05. Bicycle

    05. Bicycle

    Paros nature and contour make the island ideal for bikers. Under the guidance of an experienced rider you will enjoy it a lot.

  • 06. Tennis

    06. Tennis

    For tennis fans there are many courts available around the island, some to play at night with lights. Experienced coaches can play, or train you.

  • 07. Kite Surf

    07. Kite Surf

    The “channel” between Paros and Antiparos is a unique place for kite surf, for many one of the best spots on earth.

  • 08. Wind Surf

    08. Wind Surf

    There are usually high winds along the east coast of paros, thus making the area the most desirable for surf. High winds in the coasts of Paros make them the most desirable for surfers.

  • 09. Diving

    09. Diving

    In the rich natural beauty of Paros environment , you can go on diving trips, and you are given the opportunity to explore the wonderful seabed of the island.

  • 10. Traditional Dance Classes

    10. Traditional Dance Classes

    Greek dance lessons by professional dancer

  • 11. Kayak fishing trip

    11. Kayak fishing trip

    Combine kayaking with swimming and….. fishing!


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