For the visitors who believe vacations is not only for relaxing, but they are also interested in action our island offers many sports getaways.

Apart from those who come here to do sports, there are many certified schools for beginners

  • 1. Cooking lessons

    1. Cooking lessons

    Greek cuisine lessons and traditional Parian recipes

  • 2. Sailing – Swimming

    2. Sailing – Swimming

    At Paros Nautical Club operates a sailing and a swimming school .

  • 3. Riding

    3. Riding

    At the northern part of Paros operate two riding schools. Both are very professional, safe, and the horses are well trained, properly fed and shod.

  • 4. Bicycle

    4. Bicycle

    Paros nature and contour make the island ideal for bikers. Under the guidance of an experienced rider you will enjoy it a lot.

  • 5. Tennis

    5. Tennis

    For tennis fans there are many courts available around the island, some to play at night with lights. Experienced coaches can play, or train you.

  • 6. Kite Surf

    6. Kite Surf

    The “channel” between Paros and Antiparos is a unique place for kite surf, for many one of the best spots on earth.

  • 7. Wind Surf

    7. Wind Surf

    There are usually high winds along the east coast of paros, thus making the area the most desirable for surf. High winds in the coasts of Paros make them the most desirable for surfers.

  • 8. Diving

    8. Diving

    In the rich natural beauty of Paros environment , you can go on diving trips, and you are given the opportunity to explore the wonderful seabed of the island.