There are various type of boats  available for private charter in Paros. Starting from 4,0 m long having just a car drivers license & not younger than  21 y.o., up  to 8.0  m having a speed boat license.

There is a possibility charter a private boat ( rib) with skipper or a sailing yacht or motor boat  even though a traditional wooden boat ( kaiki).

Depend on your mood and your ability, you may enjoy a short sea ride or a day cruise just for your Family or friends .

Different type of boats are chartered for the transportation of your guests or some special events depending their capacity.   

  • Rent a 5 meter boat

    Rent a 5 meter boat

    Boat rentals – 5 meter long engines up to 50 HP

  • Kaiki rental

    Kaiki rental

    A traditional wooden boat very well maintained and refurbished to carry passengers. 13m in length, 4.40m in width and capacity for 25 people.

  • Speedboat rental

    Speedboat rental

    For any extra need for transportation or day trip a RIB vessel is available.