The beautiful waters and the incomparable Greek aesthetics of the Cyclades make Paros one of the most popular destinations for activities at sea.

Its history and past have much to tell and so much more to reveal. Explore impressive underwater caves, shipwrecks and seabeds dating back to ancient times. Diving in Paros, where the waters offer exceptional clarity, is at the same time a journey back in time, with treasures left by ancient civilizations to now become our guides.

In Paros, you will find specialized centres with qualified divers for training. Εquipment and boats are rented.


Daily morning meeting at the center (Punta) at 9:00.till14: 00

We prepare the equipment, and an hour later we go to the ship and start a 4-hour journey.

During this trip, the certified divers do two dives (double tank). Between dives, we offer fruit and water. Every day we choose the best diving locations according to the level of the divers and the weather (if the weather is not good, do not dive).

We mainly use Scubapro equipment, and the compressor is Bauer.

Snorkelling: 45 €

2 dives by boat (double tank): The cost for this trip is 100 €

BEGINNERS (1 dive-theory-exercises)

Beginners can do Discover Scuba Diving. Meeting time (Punta) at 9:00 till 14.00. We prepare the equipment, and an hour later, we depart for a four-hour trip (by boat) where uncertified divers are informed about some issues on board. Then we have scuba diving and some simple exercises, and finally, we go for a dive up to 12m maximum depth. The rest of the time, they enjoy snorkelling. Water and fruit are available.

The cost for this trip is 100 €

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