1. Bubblemaker PADI
Children 8 years old, who can’t get enough of being in the water, and want to spend some time under the water can experience breathing with scuba. There is a statement of understanding and small medical questionnaire to fill out by the Child and his/her Parent. Once this is completed there is a brief explanation by the Instructor about the basics of diving — what will be done and how it will be done — to ensure safety at all times. After that it is off to the swimming pool for fun and games with full Scuba equipment accompanied by the Instructor in maximum 2 meters depth for about 20 minutes. A certificate of accomplishment is offered to successful Bubblemakers!
Bubblermaker Price: 65€

2. Discover Scuba Diving PADI
Anyone 10 years old and upwards can participate, and in about 4 hours you will have taken your first breaths underwater with SCUBA. After registration and completing a medical questionnaire, there is a half hour theoretical explanation by the Instructor who will go over the basics of pressure, equalization, breathing and function of the equipment. This will ease you into what to expect on your dive. After that, four different skills will be practiced in confined, shallow water so you are more confident and comfortable with the equipment and with being and breathing underwater. Then the real fun begins and you get the pleasure of experiencing a normal dive of about 35-40 minutes, accompanied by the Instructor on one of our selected dive sites to a maximum depth of 12 meters!!! You receive a certificate of completion after the session and can use this certificate to go on regular dives again with Paros Scuba Club during the remainder of your sojourn.
Discover Scuba Diving Price: 110 € Theory, shore dive and 1 boat dive + certificate

3. For Certified Divers
For people with already experience that are already certified divers, we propose a large choice of dive locations. Every day 2 boat trips, with 2 dives at each trip except for the EXPRESS SAMINA dive that consists only in 1 dive.

  • 1 dive 80€
  • 2 dives 115€
  • 4 dives 240€
  • 6 dives 345€
  • Samina Dive 80€

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