Available from 1 APRIL 2018

With a valid driver’s license you can rent a small boat in Paros and enjoy a safe sea excursion and swim in secluded beaches. The boats will be available from 1-4-2018

We deliver a fully equipped boat, topped with fuel and we provide instructions to handle it and which areas and beaches of Paros and Antiparos, you can reach.

Be the captain and you ll have a unique day in your vacations. The beautiful beaches of Paros and Antiparos, the secluded beaches, the underwater world, to see with a mask and snorkel we provide, are unique.

If are older than 21 and you have a drivers license and ID or passport , we will instruct you how to use a boat, the safety equipment and the areas and the limits of the vessel. We will show you how and where to dock and how to navigate.

The fuel is paid upon return and the boat is covered with third party insurance.

Bring with you a cell phone, water and suntan oil.

Enjoy the day…

4.30m 15 ΗΡ 100 euro/day

4.85m 20 ΗΡ 120 euro/day

5.25m 30ΗΡ 130 euro/day

With license only

5.50m  60ΗΡ 190 euro/day

5.75m 115 ΗΡ 280 euro/day

VAT is included

Available 09:30- 16:00

For any information or booking