If you want comfort and speed vacations, then choosing a motor yacht will fascinate you. Explore hidden spots, discover new destinations, and indulge in the unparalleled luxury of a motor yacht for your vacation.

Motor Yachts usually have two decks, the main deck, and the sun deck, some are equipped with queen-size sunbeds, a large deck, with a spacious seating area, two cabins with bathrooms, two seating areas (indoor and outdoor), and a fully equipped bar, kitchen, sound system.

M / Yachts are available for private charter renting only with a captain for half or a whole day  or even for a week.

Some M / Yachts offer main meals (Mediterranean cuisine, fruit, coffee, beer, and wine in controlled consumption) and some others offer finger food (fruit, coffee, beer, and wine in controlled consumption) and make a lunch stop according to the wishes of each customer. You can consult the captain to recommend picturesque taverns, during the cruise, to enjoy your meal.

The boats provide tender boats, masks & flippers.

Each sea excursion lasts 7-8 hours. It starts at 09.30* in the morning and always adapts to the weather conditions for a safe trip.

* It is possible to adjust the departure schedule based on the desire of each customer.

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