We suggest this 4-hour private road trip to Antiparos, an island situated at a really short distance from Paros.

Familiar with the Cycladic beauty with its white houses, cobbled alleys, it soon became a popular tourist resort.

The small island of Saliagos is the oldest settlement in Cyclades, and Despotiko is a place of great archaeological importance.

So be prepared, because this trip is much more than a simple visit to a great tourist destination.

Private tour program in Antiparos:

Always starting from your respective point of residence, with our English speaking guide, we head to the port of Pounta (opposite to Antiparos), to pick up the Ferry Boat.

  • We arrive in Antiparos, after 10 minutes.
  • Visit to the city of Antiparos for the next 1 hour. We pass the busy market street of the island, which connects the port with its main square and the Castle. Then we visit the Folklore Museum (which is available to the public, from May to September).
  • Then, we depart for the cave of Antiparos where we are staying for the next 1 hour & 15 minutes. The space was used for pottery, but also for the worship of the goddess Artemis. In ancient times it was used as a nature reserve and we can admire the oldest stalactite in Europe. At its entrance is hosted the church of Ai Giannis of Spiliotis.
  • We reach Agios Georgios in the bay of Despotiko, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, meeting on our way, that of the answer and Soros. Stay for 15 minutes.
  • We return to your place of residence.

The estimated duration of the route is 1 hour & 30 minutes, including any delays.

We suggest this private tour to start from 9.00- 9.30 in the morning due to the extreme heat, especially in July and August.

The schedule is indicative and can be modified at your request, at least 48 hours before the day of the trip.


  • High Season: 3-7 people (370 €) / Low Season: (310 €)
  • Extra high season time: (100 €) / Low season time: (90 €)
  • High Season: 1-2 people (310 €) / Low Season: (250 €)
  • Extra high season time: (90 €) / Low season time: (80 €)

*High season 15 / 6-15 / 9

Not Included in the price:

  • Tour guide: 100 € (if desired)
  • Admission to the museum: 7 € (Cave & Museum) (price 2020)
  • Ship tickets: 2.6 € per person
  • Vehicle tickets: 18 €
For any information or booking - Private Tour in Antiparos (or Oliaros)