Paros’ Parikia capital located on the site of the ancient city, and at its top, dominates the Monastery of Agioi Anargyroi, built on the ruins of an ancient temple of the Goddess Athena. Despite its tourist development, Paros has not lost a trace of its picturesqueness and Cycladic character.

From the various excavations that have taken place to date, Paros seems to be incessantly associated with antiquity. Booking a private road trip to Paros, you will have the opportunity to get to know all parts of the island and enjoy a private tour of places of particular importance and beauty.

The central cobbled alleys of the market of Parikia with the bougainvillaeas and the terraces emphasize its Cycladic architecture as the blue and white that dominate make you smell Greece everywhere. The bust of the famous fighter Mantos Mavrogenous in the homonymous square of Parikia, mansions that adorn the alleys, the Venetian castle, and Saint Konstantinos and Eleni church, where the old town located, all have a story to tell.

Monuments that stand proudly revealing glorious and perhaps turbulent years. The ancient cemetery, the sanctuary of Asclepius, (4th century BC), and the sanctuary of Pythian Apollo located on a hill on the road to Aliki. Both of these deities of Greek mythology have been worshipped especially in Paros as “god healers”, and their sanctuaries were important centres of the Cyclades. The ceramic workshop of the Hellenistic period in Paros and the “Kastrovouni site”, next to the ancient cemetery, which includes houses of the Hellenistic period with mosaic floors. The “site of Agios Panteleimon”, near the Museum in Parikia, where the wonderful ancient sanctuary was found with the circular stepped monument, tombs, urns, marble architectural members, tombstones, marble votive offerings, kouros trunk and many more have a story to tell. Panagia Ekatontapyliani in Parikia, a Byzantine monument of great importance and architecture and the Byzantine Museum of Paros will attract your particular interest.

With a private road trip, you will get to know the beautiful villages of Paros, Naoussa, Lefkes, Marpissa, Aliki, Piso Livadi and so many others with their history each.

A private tour by minibus in Paros will take you to other times, leaving you with a taste of awe and a deep understanding that in the turbulent history of each place is its beauty.