A wine and beer tasting tour in Paros is a unique experience,

and will be introduced you step by step to the whole process of wine and beer production from the most experienced winemakers and brewers on the island. Try unique varieties inspired by the climate of the Cyclades and spice up your palate with a taste of Greece.

Paros is the second wine-producing island of the Cyclades, after Santorini, and is famous for the fine varieties “Mandilaria” (red) and “Monemvasia” (white). The wines produced by the vineyard of Paros, including white sweet wines are included in the Designation of Origin Paros (PDO) as Malvasia Paros wines. The name Malvasia is geographical and indicates the Byzantine city of Monemvasia in the time of the Franks. Malvasia began to be produced before the 13th century in Byzantine Monemvasia, gaining enormous fame in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and a unique history that lasts to this day.

A private road tasting tour in Paros includes two genuine wineries with a long history and tradition as well as a brewery recognized worldwide for its authenticity and essence. In each winery, the expert welcomes you and introduces you to the history of the vineyards of Paros, production, and winemaking. You will have the pleasure to taste the excellent Parian wine varieties and traditional accompaniments. Τhen will visit the brewery of 56 isles beer, a beer born in Paros, inspired by the 56 islands of the Cyclades, and recognized as one of the six best in the world. The “56 Isles Aegean Wit” won three stars, the highest distinction, at the internationally acclaimed British Institution Great Taste Awards. The Micro-Brewery of Paros was created in 2014 and is one of the largest investments in recent years in the Cyclades.

Indulge in a 4-hour private road trip to the flavors and aromas of Paros, tasting excellent wines and spicy beers, and get to know the method of their implementation up close.