Now you can inform in time from our official website about the weather forecast in Paros. You can have every moment, live, and valid weather information with the Live Camera which we have placed in our office Polos Tours located in the Port of Parikia’s central point.

A second one, Forecast Weather Greece’s camera was installed in our office, from where you can be informed in detail and daily about the weather forecast in Paros. By having a live connection to Paros’ port and detailed information on the weather forecast, especially for the wind and the wave, you can always stay informed and flexible in your schedule.

Paros is one of the meeting places of people around the world. Identified with the Greek summer, Paros is the destination of many visitors and is one of the most charming destinations.

The climate of Paros is characterized by mild winters while with the beginning of spring, the temperature rises significantly ending in summer, the heat rises vertically and is accompanied by the well-known meltemia of the Cyclades. Meltemi is a summer wind, typical of the Aegean. They start with intensity from 5 to 7 and can reach up to 8 to 9 Beaufort, the meltemia often in the summer months create interruptions of sea voyages due to intense waves of the sea. At the same time, usually at night they recede offering idyllic summer evenings.


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