In these critical hours of human life, aiming the maximum effective protection and with great respect for the state’s new measures to limit down the spread of Coronavirus, Polos Tours informs its clients that responsible prevention and health care, should be a priority for everyone.

We are reducing our opening hours for customer service, daily 09.30 – 12.30 & 18.00 – 21.00. (When welcoming our ships we extend our hours accordingly).

We inform our customers that our service will be made by a secure distance for the safety of travelers and employees. We recommend  travelling only if you must to, whether by plane or boat. Stay at Home if you have nothing important to do outside.

As a company, we are taking care and cleaning all areas where welcoming our travelers. All surfaces that we both use ( customer and stuff), until the service is done.

We have an adequate supply of protective and disinfectant materials where they help to organize well and calmly and to avoid panic. Timely planning and effective prevention and information will ensure the health of our visitors and staff, as well as maintain the proper functioning of our infrastructure.

We specialize in prevention according to the development of the situation, but also in  the directions of the State, and we urge the passenger public to follow the relevant guidelines of the ESA in turn for protection from Coronavirus.

The shipping companies we work with, have taken all necessary steps  to protect both the passenger public and employees. Aiming at indentifying pandemic preparedness, surveillance and response measures.

You can contact us by phone or online, in any case, through our enhanced digital platform, without the need for your physical presence on site.

We remain in constant communication with relevant stakeholders with the aim of providing reliable information in order to develop relationships of honesty, transparency, consistency and ethics.

Our hearts and support are with the people who have been and are being affected in all countries.

We remain in direct communication,

hoping summer would soon come back into our lives.


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