Paros is a cosmopolitan destination without losing a trace of the picturesqueness and energy of the Cyclades. It has an infinite natural beauty and that you can see in every corner of it. Combining your vacation with the island’s activities, you will discover Paros in an alternative way. Paros offered due to its morphology for many activities that suit every style and every age. A horse ride on the beautiful beaches of Paros at sunset will enchant you. Simultaneously, a cooking class will offer you a gastronomic experience with rare flavours and senses of unique local dishes that will end with the beautiful wine of Paros that will be unforgettable.

In Paros, one can enjoy magical moments as it is an island that covers all tastes. Its beautiful sandy beaches, others calm and idyllic, others equipped with proper infrastructure and many water sports, with windsurfing and kitesurfing first in the category, will enchant you. Paros is famous for some of its beaches’ water sports, and for years it hosted the world windsurfing championship. With its waterways and currents, it is considered an island that provokes water sports fans.

Paros is an island honoured every summer for its idyllic beaches, traditional villages with picturesque alleys and intense life. Its landscapes’ natural beauty makes Paros a great attraction with exceptional gastronomy, fun, many activities, and unique excursions to the neighbouring islands as it is located right in the middle of the Cyclades. We will help you find helpful information to unfold all aspects of Paros during your vacation. Book Paro’s ferry tickets online for your maximum safety at the best prices and let Paros enchant your vacation.


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