Avoid the stress of crowded shores and become the captain of the boat! Rent a boat that does not require a license and enjoy all the remote beaches you like.

Experience the Greek summer to the fullest by making your own schedule with a license-free boat rental in Paros.

Choose your company, take the essentials and start your excursion. All boats are new and fully equipped with everything you might need. Take advantage of the beauty of Paros and Antiparos with their unique coasts and blue waters by renting a boat without a license.

Start your day at the sea, near people of your choice and enjoy the sun and crystal clear waters while exploring the island. Forget the hassle of public transport and take the wheel yourself by renting a boat without a license in Paros. Dive into the Blue Waters -of the fantastic Panteronisia – and visit the pirates sea cave of Antiparos, a natural rock formation with deep blue waters, accessible only by boat as the myth said that the pirates were also hiding in this cave.

You can also visit  Despotiko and admire one of the oldest archaic temples of Apollo while bathing in a beautiful beach, with a license-free boat rental in Paros.

There is so much you can do  to enjoy your summer in Paros to the fullest