Island hopping in Paros, due to its geographical location, is ideal for wonderful and quick getaways to the surrounding islands as it is located right in the center of the Cyclades.

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Doing Island Hopping in Paros you can discover many different islands of the Cyclades, you will meet beautiful destinations, you will enjoy crystal clear waters and wonderful beaches as you will be able to make a quick excursion to Naxos, Mykonos and many other beautiful Aegean islands.

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Paros is the pre-eminent destination for island hopping in the Cyclades. Starting from Paros you can visit with a day sea excursion, the volcano of Santorini, the intense life of Mykonos, a trip back in time to Delos, you can admire the simple beauty of Amorgos or swim in the turquoise waters of Koufonisia.

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From Paros there are also ferry connections with at least 20 different islands as well as for Astypalea and Crete (Heraklion).

Experience the summer you like, doing Island hopping in Paros, accompanied by the whole Aegean.