Manto Mavrogenous was a bright entity and a memorable heroine of the Revolution of 1821. She was born in Trieste in 1796 and died in Paros in July 1848. Manto Mavrogenous was a strong presence in the Greek struggle. As the spirit, her country’s courage and love illuminate even today the darkest sides of society, holding the banner of Freedom raised. A deep ambition was to see all classes united, something for which she fought fiercely. For her total contribution to the struggle, she was honoured by the Greek State with the rank of Lieutenant General as she was one of the most important fighters of the Revolution of 1821. A descendant of a wealthy and educated family, she grew up with vital Enlightenment elements. Her father was a merchant and a member of the Friendly Society and a descendant of Nikolaos Mavrogenis, Dragoon of the Fleet and Prince of Vlachia. Through her efforts, Manto united the women of Paris and the Enlightenment in Europe to take the side of the Greeks. She sacrificed her family’s Freedom, her personal life and gave all her property to her struggle for Freedom. Many powerful politicians of the time opposed her choices and went so far as to exile her and live in deep sorrow and misery.

After the Revolution, persecuted by Ioannis Kolettis, she took refuge in Mykonos and in July 1848, she died in Paros poor and forgotten. The house that Manto Mavrogenous left her last breath is located near Ekatontapyliani in Paros, even today.

According to the French Rybaud, Manto Mavrogenous was a noble personality with fiery patriotism which was not interested in dying for the coveted Freedom. Manto Mavrogenous and many other heroes fought in 1821 for Greece with a handful of weapons and sacrificed their lives because they believed they had the right to live free and fought for the supreme good of all, Freedom.

It is our responsibility never to forget this struggle that some gave with courage and faith so that we can live and walk free in the soils that still have their name written on them.

Hellenism is a deep root that resides in each of us, and its branches spread with its history, culture and light.


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