With the ongoing Covid-19 virus pandemic, our travel agency’s goal in Paros is to keep you informed about all security measures, travelling either by boat or by plane, and offering you the best and easiest electronic ferry issuance procedures and airline tickets, for the fastest service and your absolute security due to the contactless transactions.

It is the responsibility of our travel agency in Paros to inform you on time about the measures taken by the shipping companies and help in the perfect organization of your trip in a pandemic time.

The valid information can significantly facilitate all your transportation procedures. On the official page of our travel agency in Paros, you will find step by step what you need for the electronic issuance of ferry tickets, for the safety measures of each ferry company, but also useful information for how to stay safe on the boat.

We are in constant with the ferry lines’ relevant departments to provide you with travel information to make your trip more comfortable and safer.

Due to the limited travel to the islands, you checked at each port onboard the ship before departure to verify that all passengers have the necessary documents to travel.

Boat travel remains one of the safest modes of transport and transportation due to the open spaces it offers and the option of accommodation and seclusion. The most basic measure of personal protection in all areas of the ship remains the application of a mask and the hands’ disinfection with special antiseptics present in all parts of the boat. We recommend avoiding crowded areas as special care needed in the toilets and cafes of the ship.

Before you start for the port, make sure you have all the means of personal protection with you and find out how the coronavirus cases are evolving in the destination you wish to reach.

In case you feel any discomfort or fever before your trip, avoid unnecessary travel and take a COVID 19 test to be sure of your health and the protection of those around you.

All passengers must complete the passenger form, which makes future communication and tracking easier in a confirmed case.

Once you have presented the necessary documents when boarding the ship, such as the pre-filled passenger form, your identity card and your ticket and board the boat, avoid sharing food and various utensils with others. It is good to disinfect everything you buy.

Regularly disinfecting your hands before touching any part of your face will significantly help your safety.

If any discomfort you during the trip, please inform a member of the crew immediately. They have received special training to manage similar situations, and a specialist will take you over.

To avoid congestion with queues due to extensive checks, try to be at the port one hour earlier, always with the necessary documents with you.

Some ferry companies offer contactless check-in and e-ticketing to limit contact between passengers and crew.

Use the method of contactless electronic issuance of ferry tickets on the page of our travel agency in Paros for greater security due to contactless transaction.

If you belong to a sensitive or high-risk group and want more safety, close your cabin so that you do not come into contact with other passengers on board and delay your disembarkation until most passengers have left the ship. Tell one of the ship’s crew to assist you with anything you need on your way to your destination port.

Weather permitting, it is a good idea to climb the deck regularly to get some fresh air.

Find the useful telephone numbers of medical centres for any island you want to travel to and informed in time about the development of coronavirus cases in your destination.

All shipping companies follow the state’s instructions and EODY regarding the passengers’ control, the crew’s thermometry, and the necessary training of the staff.

By closely monitoring the pandemic’s evolution, they implement particular protocols for their staff and passengers’ optimal safety.

Cleaning crews regularly disinfect all areas of the ship, using select professional products.

The ship’s cleaning staff replaces and disinfects all items such as sheets and tablecloths after each use.

You will find antiseptic fluids and trash cans in all passenger and crew areas.

Shipping companies carry out random temperature measurements before boarding the passengers and crew.

The ship’s crew monitors the necessary distance of 1.5 meters between the passengers during embarkation, departure and disembarkation.

Ships in Greece operate at reduced occupancy to ensure safe distances between passengers.

The seats have indications of use to keep the distances of the seated passengers indoors and outdoors.

The air conditioners’ filters clean regularly, and there is a continuous flow of fresh air without recycling.

Each cabin can accommodate a maximum of 2 people unless they are families or attendants with disabilities.

Passengers can be informed about the protection measures on the ship’s screens, through the loudspeakers, and the particular forms for the coronavirus they will find on the boat.

During quarantine, boat travel is permitted solely for business purposes, health reasons, transportation for necessities and assistance to persons in need and not for leisure.

The operation of ships in Greece is under constant surveillance, and the measures change depending on the epidemiological burden and the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic.

The priority of our travel agency in Paros is the absence of any danger during your movement. To enjoy the beauty of Cyclades and an authentic Greek summer in Paros, with all your senses, you must stay safe.