Paros in Easter has a very traditional character. The island wears its festive, and waits for you to celebrate these Holly Days.

In Paros at Easter, you can feel the excitement and celebration. Spring is one of the best seasons. The island is full of colors and aromas  combined with its beautiful aesthetics, becomes the ideal destination for these days.

The customs revived by the residents in the various parts of Paros keep alive the desire of all those who want to spend these days again on the island every year.

On Maundy Thursday, the women of the village of Marpissa take the road to the Metropolitan Church to spend the night there, spending the night with Jesus and decorating his Epitaph.

On Good Friday, the Reenactment of the Passion takes place. Marpissa and Prodromos in Paros have one of the most traditional Epitaphs.

In Parikia, the meeting of Epitaphs from three parishes from the port,  the beach, and  the traditional settlement is awe-inspiring.

On Holy Saturday night, the island shakes with the Resurrection bells of Ekatontapiliani, when people pour into the streets to share the Holy Light.

On Easter Sunday, the show is stolen by the picturesque port of Naoussa, with its well-known, frenetic all-day feast, where everyone celebrates the Resurrection until late at night, with music and fireworks.

Paros at Easter opens the curtain and awaits you.


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