With the daily cruises from Paros to Iraklia and Koufonisi, you will get to know two of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades up close. Very popular for their unique beauty, Iraklia and Koufonisi is ideal getaway destinations with endless relaxation, baths, and tranquility.

Take your vacation to the idyllic Paros and enjoy the surrounding islands on a one-day cruise.

You can book your tickets online through our site or make your reservation via mail and enjoy the day cruise to Iraklia and Koufonisi, which takes place from Piso Livadi of Paros, every Thursday with the day boat Alexander.

The ticket price includes your transportation from the central points of the island, by the company’s bus, to and from the departure port of the day boat.

Travel to some of Greece’s most beautiful destinations, enjoy the relaxation and picturesqueness of Iraklia, and dive into the crystal clear waters of Koufonisi, with a day trip from Paros.


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