Crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches as if they came out of a fairy tale, Antiparos has a beauty and an energy that fascinates. A favorite resort of celebrities and non-celebrities as well, it becomes totally mundane and at the same time utterly charming, with a simplicity that characterizes it. With a coastline of 57 kilometers, Antiparos is calm on one side with crystal clear waters – like a lake – and beautiful beaches, while the other half is dominated by the open sea with caves and wild beauty.

The full-day cruises that take place daily from Paros will introduce you to all the idyllic beaches between Paros and Antiparos which you can’t access other than by boat. Antiparos leads the way with some of the most impressive beaches in Greece. Book a full-day cruise from Paros to Antiparos and dive into the magical Panteronisia, see up close the ancient sanctuary of Despotikos and the beaches that surround it, and enrich your vacation with a fun marine experience. On our seven-hour cruise from Paros to Antiparos you will relax by the sea, have dinner with local traditional food, and dive in dreamy crystal clear waters.

Travel to the beautiful waters of the Cyclades with our full-day cruises and be filled with the energy of the sea and the carelessness of summer.