The schedule of the daily cruises from Paros,  sea or road excursions at Paros, are now available for season 2018.

Visiting Polos Tours Site you will be informed in details about the schedule of:

  • One day cruises from Paros to Santorini , Delos & Mykonos, Koufonisia , Amorgos, Round of Antiparos
  • Private sea excursions on a speed boat with free programme

Donkey ride excursion at Paros is available  all year round. From May ,the route at butterflies valley will be on schedule.

Bus tours escorted by a Licensed Guide are scheduled for visits at the best interesting areas of Paros.  One of the most attractive sights seeing locations of the island is the ancient  marble queries  .  Aphrodite of Milos , Ermis of Praxitelis, Niki of Samothrace are Historical Elements  of Parian marble work .

Greek Cooking Lessons and ceramic Lessons will start on February.

Sailing lessons and swimming lessons at Paros Nautical Club are available all year long.

The general travel and tourism agency Polos Tours will offer you the best options for private boat transportations or helicopter flights, From or To Paros.

Private Buses are at your disposal 24/ 7  for any kind of transportation for your family or your guests.

 Since 1972 we are growing our experience, offering boat ticketing services .  As we are representing “ Hellenic Sea Ways “ shipping company ,  we guarantee a safe sea travel by any type of boat. The combination of our knowledge on air ticketing and the new -bigger and safer  Paros Airport ,  put our Island at the top Choice of the Cyclades Islands .

Polos Tours Professional Team will make your Days on Paros comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable . Live the Paros Experience.


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