The cooking class in Paros will introduce you to all the secrets and combinations of flavors.

Paros is famous for its wonderful wine as a PDO (Products with Designation of Origin) and among 33 regions throughout Greece, it is the second wine-producing island of the Cyclades after Santorini. The island also has cheese factories with the famous graviera of Paros, excellent kefalotiri, mizithra, anthotiro, and yogurt as well as producing its honey, fish, oil, wheat, barley, vegetables, and potatoes. Parian figs are also known and famous since ancient times for their deliciousness.

Learn the secrets from the best and enjoy local homemade Greek cuisine on your vacation! The smells, tastes, and energy of the island combined with a cooking class in Paros will blow your mind.

Try a prelude of flavors and a special experience in a cooking class in Paros where, with proper guidance, you will learn to make it yourself whenever you wish.

Get to know and enjoy the flavors of Greece on your vacation in Paros!


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