We inform the passenger public that the itineraries of Blue Star Ferries from 06/01 to 17/01 from Paros to Piraeus and vice versa are as follows:

Piraeus – Paros daily at 17:30 except Saturday (B.S Naxos)

Piraeus – Paros every Sunday at 07:25 (B.S Chios)

Paros – Piraeus customary at 10:45 outside

Saturday (B.S Naxos)

Paros – Piraeus every Thursday at 23:25 and Sunday at 19:15

(B.S. Chios)

Blue Star Naxos’ routes remain as they are: daily departure from Paros to Piraeus at 10:45 except Saturday and Piraeus to Paros at 17:30 except Saturday as well.

Blue Star Chios itineraries will be modified to serve other islands of Cyclades. The ferry will depart from Paros to Piraeus only every Thursday at 23:25 and Sunday 19:15 and from Piraeus to Paros only Sunday at 07:25.

On Saturdays, there will be no departure to and from Piraeus. The above modifications are valid until 17/01.