August 15th  in Paros

The sanctity of the Virgin Mary has inspired art in all its forms from time to time.

Her bright face was glorified both by Byzantine hymns and by Greek poets praising Her grace.

“Summer Easter” in Paros is a celebration of prayer and hope. A deep overnight experience with many believers visiting the island for a holy pilgrimage of the Mother of us all.

The Ekatontapyliani church in August honors the death that became a celebration.

The name of the Virgin Mary is whispered everywhere next to every fear and every hope, leaving behind an eternal sanctity.

On the night of the 15th of August in Paros, all the boats will be illuminated, and the Ekatontapyliani decorated as ready for the celebration will be flooded with people. The port will shine with dozens of sparklers filling the sky with light praising the sacred event.

This day makes death a celebration and with hope everyone dances and sings holding  Her name on their lips.