This brand new airline based in Paros,  flies from middle of October, with reliable aircrafts serving passengers transportation between the Greek Cycladic islands.

Visit and experience the Creek islands by Traveling in absolute safety and luxury and reducing your transportation time significantly, while same time spending most of your tavel time on the islands ( not traveling to them).

The new Cycladic airline, can now cover any type of travel, showing an exceptional social sensitivity to the needs of permanent residents by connecting  them to Syros twice a week, so that their medical care will take place as close as possible to their residence.

Cycladic air transport will meet the needs of many passengers who live, work and travel to the Cycladic islands all year round, thus solving the a permanent problem of direct connection to neighboring islands, mostly in winter time.

Cycladic’s luxury aircrafts are specially adapted to the needs of the Greek islands, with a large luggage capacity, and can accommodate from 8 to 12 people on each flight.

The Cycladic airline fleet is state-of-the-art, with a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to older commercial aircraft.

While  Greek tourism is  growing , visitors need  to travel as fast and as easy possible to any islands . Paros has a great opportunity on that scale , since Cycladic company is based on the island and can be a leader on domestic flights connectivity as it is on boats.    

The first flights already started in mid October and  will initially connect Chania, Santorini, Heraklion, Mykonos, Paros, Rhodes, Milos, and Syros, as other destinations will be added to the program during summer .

If you are looking for the fastest way to move between the Cyclades-Crete, and the Dodecanese, book your airplane ticket through our travel agency in Paros and fly in absolute luxury and comfort.

Check the program valid until the end of October


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