There are usually high winds along the east coast of paros, thus making the area the most desirable for surf.

High winds in the coasts of Paros make them the most desirable for surfers.

For many years world championship competitions were held and still take place there.

Wind Surf Lessons

LessonsPrivateIn group
1 hour35€30€
2 hour65€55€
6 hour175€155€
10 hour265€235€

Wind Surf Levels

From a totally beginner become a secure sailor, learn to cruise in every direction, learn how to tack, beginner s jibe the correct stance on the equipment and start planning without harness and straps.
Required qualification none.

Become a strong wind sailor, learn how to beach start, water start, jibe and planning with straps and harness.
Required qualification: tak and cruise in every direction.

Become a high level sailor learn how to tak and jibe in various ways such as duck jibe lay down jibe
Required qualification: water start, jibe.

Pro coaching
Learn how to chop chop, speed loop, volcan,spock grubby, flaka and any freestyle move you want.
Required qualification:water start jibe.

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